J’ai reçu récemment La Saber Triumphant Excalibur de good smile company et j’en ai fais une review sur un autre site, donc la voici. C’est en anglais mais ce n’est pas dur à comprendre (en principe) et les photos parlent d’elles-même :D

This is a review of Saber Triumphant Excalibur of Good Smile Compagny. She went in the middle of September, 2010, with 2 months of delay.



Her box present two blue and silvery vertical bands, a vertical line on the top of golden color, the band in contrast is the one where the name of the figurine is write.
Saber went with two swords
It measures 27 x 26 x22 cm.

Sculpting and painting

Saber is in a position of fight, going to execute one of her attacks. The pose is very dynamic, showing well the movement of clothes, hair.
The only « snag » would be that the arm too much walks past its mouth, hiding it partially.
Saber measures ~27 cm.

The paint is really impressive.
The effect of the metal is very well transcribed and the shadows of clothes are really beautiful. There are many nuances.
An exemplary paint.

The base is oval, representing one sole paved with signs of fight (hoarse paving stones, visible ground).
Every paving stone is individualized well, the paint is very well made.
The name of the work is written  » Fate stay night  » is written in golden and relief on below on the right.


I waited for this figurine with a lot of impatience (I love enormously this character). Seeing the beauty of Saber – distant Avalon (that I don’t have, regrettably), I waited on behalf of company a lot and I admit that I am not disappointed.
Saber is really faithful to her chara-design of origin and the figurine is really well made.
For those who have Saber-distant avalon, the duet should be really beautiful!