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Pareil que pour Saber, j’ai encore fais une review en français. Ce n’est pas dur à comprendre et puis il y a pas mal de photos ^^

J’espère que vous aimerez !

So, This is a review of Xecty (from Shining wind) by Kotobukiya, released in November 2007.


Xecty is in a little box with green and white color. Of face, there is a illustration of her, by tony taka, and, back, there is the characteristics of character (It’s in japaneese but I think it’s the age, he weight, the size etc.).
The box measures 25x13x12.5 cm.
The figure is in the center and the animal is hidding behind the illustration.

Sculpting and Painting.

Xecty stands, one bars behind hair, in a simple but effective pose.
She carries her « normal » clothes (not warrior).
The figurine carries some tracks of molding at the level of thighs and we can note the demarcation at the level of bottoms and thighs (rather visible, although hidden because it’s here where stops the bottom). As many figurines, she also possesses the demarcation at the level of hair (which does not see itself if we put the animal).
The base is just a flashy blue circle.
A tupperware base. Nothing more.


I like that make tony taka and, especially, the design of its shining wind and shining tears series. Xecty being the personal which I prefer, I looked for a figurine of her and this one had me much more. I managed to find her small price and I am disappointed in no way.
She look very nice with Blanc Neige that I aldready have.